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€70* for single session
€180 for 3 sessions
€330 for 6 sessions
Duration: 55 minutes
*initial consultation is always an hour

What do I wear for my Bowen treatment?

You will be required to remove your outer clothing. You will be covered for the entire session with towels and/or sheets for your comfort. Jenny will remove the towels to work on certain parts of the body, always replacing with the towel/sheet.

Some Bowen practitioners work on patients still wearing light clothing. Though this is normal practice for some therapists, Jenny believes that it does not allow for clear, precise palpation to discern tissue changes which is fundamental for the therapist in treating, assessing and evaluating. For this reason, Jenny always treats her patients directly on skin.

If you have a skin condition, or feel uncomfortable to remove some or all of your outer clothing, modifications can be made. Do not worry! Your comfort is a priority.

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Send an email or WhatsApp message to Jenny to choose a time/day for your appointment.
WhatsApp: +34 627 133 647

How do I pay for my session(s)?

1. Cash or
2. Credit Card payment. See blue buttons below. Click and pay with your card.
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