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Bowen Therapy Course [in Spain]

Currently offered in Spanish. If you would like to do the course in English, let me know! With a minimum number of students, we can make it happen.

☞ Disclaimer:

Be aware that Bowen training and many other certifications in 'natural therapies' that is not physiotherapy/osteopathy or medicine, is not 'officially' recognised in Spain. It is still an unregulated and unrecognised field with no formal association or government 'body' to manage it. This is not uncommon, so do not despair.
Many complementary therapists choose to train in Bowen therapy (and other natural therapy methods), and successfully work in their chosen field with excellent results. They continue to build their career and help many people.
In order to work "professionally" most trainees will have prior professional qualifications in manual medicine.

To fully complete and receive the certification for the Bowen course you will be required to have 100 hours of anatomy/physiology and completed a First Aid course. You may do this before or during the course. For your continued and comfortable learning, it is required that you start your anatomy studies before the second module. There are options!



This course (Module 1) is being scheduled for Autumn 2019. Exact dates TBA. Please contact Jenny for more information. jenny@terapia-bowen.com

Stay in touch about Bowen and wellbeing HERE.

Formación dirigido a profesionales:

Todos profesionales en terapias somáticas. Tal como: fisioterapeutas, osteópatas, quiromasajistas, educación física, profesores de Pilates, profesores del movimiento (Técnica Alexander, Feldenkrais etc.), médicos, enfermeros, terapeuta craneo-sacra y títulos equivalentes.
¡Si no eres profesional en el área de salud/terapia manual, póngase en contacto conmigo! jenny@terapia-bowen.com (en este caso sería necesario adquirir conocimientos suficientes de anatomía).

Ser Terapeuta Bowen:

En algunos países cursos en terapias naturales están reconocidas dentro del sistema de sanidad como técnica de tratamiento terapéutico independiente. En España y algunos otros países y America Latína, el certificado no permite trabajar como terapeuta a no ser que el alumno disponga de una formación anterior como fisioterapeuta, médico etc. El curso y los conocimientos Bowen enriquecería el terapeuta con un método y herramientas terapéuticas nuevas para ayudar la gente del mundo. Sin embargo, se puede trabajar como "profesional" en el campo de Terapias Alternativas, Naturales, Naturopatia y Terapias no Sanitarias.
Recuerde que el certificado Bowen en España no esta (todavia) reconocido.


Para obtener el certificado al final del curso, llevar los conocimientos adquiridos a un nivel "profesional", garantizar un estándar de calidad homogénea a nivel mundial, es indispensable que cada alumno/-a que quiera trabajar con el método Bowen y recibir un certificado, cumpla con los siguientes requisitos:
✔️ La formación de los 4 módulos completos.
✔️ Aprobar exámenes escrito y práctico
✔️ Completar exitosamente los estudios de casos prácticos por cuenta propia
✔️ Cien horas de anatomía/ fisiología/ patología (no necesaria si se acredita formación terapéutica).
✔️ Curso de primeros auxilios reciente de mínimo 8 horas.

Para los alumnos que no tienen conocimiento en anatomía / fisiología, es necesario empezar con los estudios acreditados en anatomia/fisiologia por lo menos antes de comenzar el segundo módulo.

Impartido por Jenny Petridis (Australia)

Terapeuta Bowen/Profesora técnica Bowen
Disertante Congreso Fascia, Buenos Aires 2013 & 2014
Disertante Congreso BodyWisdom, España, 2016
Instructora, Curso Bowen, Brasil 2017

Cada módulo es 600€ o,

Pagar con antelación: 470€.

Pagar el curso completo (4 módulos) es 1800€


Module 1 [4 days] Autumn 2019, Barcelona

Module 1 provides students with a solid base of the technique. They will learn the key principles of Bowen and learn the Procedures (also called Sequences) in regions of the body such as the spine, shoulder girdle, hamstrings and so on. We will learn about proprioception and interoception, 'the pause', and study how to assess and record a case. We will schedule time to review the previous days. At the end of the module, students will acquire knowledge to be able to apply the therapeutic tools with immediate results. Some surprises will be on the agenda.
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Module 2 [4 days] 2020, Barcelona

In Module 2 we review and reinforce the sequences and skills learned in Module 1. By now students will have already begun their independent practice (doing their case studies) and have questions and feedback to share. Additional sequences are taught in Module 2, dealing mainly with the structural aspects of the body, and these include: the pelvic girdle, continuing with lower extremities (knee / thigh), the feet and toes, and the upper limbs (arm / forearm). We will also study about the mechanisms of Bowen and its relationship with the myofascial tissue.
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Modulo 3 [4 days] 2020

Module 3 continues to teach students additional sequences on the shoulder girdle, more of the pelvic girdle, the thorax, some powerful manoeuvres on deep abdominal and hip muscles, and more. We will study the connection with the nervous system and the Bowen technique. Finally we will take time to review everything studied previously. By now the students would have completed their case studies, handed in one month prior.
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Module 4 [4 days] 2020

In the last module all the sequences learned so far are consolidated, and we will review the previous classes. Additional movements and sequences are taught, such as the skull, jaw, 'lymphatic' procedures and visceral procedures. Students will be able to reinforce their knowledge of the technique and sequences - the stage where everything comes together and 'makes sense'. The students would have completed and submitted their final case studies and we will leave time to discuss them. During this module Jenny will evaluate and supervise students in their practice.
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