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My experience with Bowen Therapy was magical ... and it still is, because the results are maintained over time. It (Bowen) released the muscle tensions, my permanent allergies and my energy was renewed 100%! Rather than tell you, you have to experience it. And so, I recommend you try it with your eyes closed because it is extremely effective and does so much good to the body, but especially for the soul. During the first session, one does not feel much ... give the treatment its time, and give yourself time to experience really noticeable changes!! Highly recommended!
Monica B. 39, Interior Designer, Argentina
I stumbled upon Jenny and Bowen Therapy after searching for someone practicing fertility massage in Buenos Aires. Although Bowen was different - I wanted to give it a shot. I had been through several years of fertility treatments, and until that point every procedure had left me with incredible cramping and fainting in the hours immediately after. I saw Jenny for my first Bowen treatment the week before another insemination. Amazingly, after the insemination I had NONE of the same symptoms and felt absolutely great. I saw Jenny again the following week for another Bowen session we were soon happy to find out I was (finally) expecting! I'm grateful to the power of Bowen and its positive effects on my body.
Claire, 31, Argentina/USA
My session with Jenny was transformative! It was the first time I had experienced Bowen therapy so I had no expectations, however I knew I was in good hands because Jenny has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I found her adept at reading my body and treating accordingly. For years, my pelvis had been slightly skewed, which Jenny picked up on straightaway. After one session, she had managed to realign my hips, something ongoing chiropractic treatment hadn't been able to do. I'm astonished at this lasting shift, and incredibly grateful. I would highly recommend Jenny.
Leigh H, Writer, 41, Australia
Without question, there is something special and magical about Jenny. Of course she has lots of body knowledge, and has really mastered her technique, with it's astonishing soft touch, firm manipulations, and then magical pauses. During those pauses, the other side of her work, call it affective or spiritual, has its effects. Along with all the positive emanations during the massage itself, in the pauses, Jenny's 'healing willfulness' is able work its wonders.
Edward H. Teacher. Toronto, Canada/Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The first time that a synovial cyst appeared on my wrist was in 2010. I met Jenny (2012) and Bowen Therapy by chance, and I then decided to try her treatment. She gave me a Bowen treatment, explaining, to my understanding, that she was going to activate the channels that were stuck. The following week the cyst inflamed and hurt. A week later all of a sudden it began to deflate until it disappeared! Incredible! Every day I look at my wrist: I really cannot believe that it is gone! Thank you from the heart Jenny for your help! My advice to all people, especially who have resigned with healing of their illnesses is to try Bowen Therapy...They will be really surprised of its effect!
Guilia M. Italian cuisine business owner, Italy.
After being plagued by a sore back, I decided to try Bowen Therapy. Jenny is a great therapist, taking time to explain everything and putting my concerns at ease. During the treatment, I was able to ask any questions I had and Jenny explained what she was doing and how the body would react. After treatment I immediately felt a difference in my back, encouraging me to sit with the correct posture and care for my back. This sense of changing within my body stayed with me for several days and since then I have not had the back problem return.  Thank you Jenny!
Rebecca T, New Zealand
To know Bowen Therapy through Jenny Petridis's hands was, for me, an auspicious and promising beginning. With her hands and fingers that, not only touched but observed and listened to my skin and muscles, I could feel a huge sensation of freedom in my whole body. Each movement was preceded by explanations and followed by her caring. Bowen Therapy is really impressive! With small and few movements we can realize so many big changes in our body, and create a possibility to move with more grace and awareness. Thanks Jenny!
Luciano B. Tango dancer/Brazilian Jujistu Silver Medalist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
My Bowen treatment was a mind-body bliss-out! During the session I floated away into dreamland while Jenny’s healing hands worked gentle wonders. She targeted many muscles and parts of the body often neglected by therapists, and while her work was profound, the pressure was never harsh. I suffer from scoliosis and have had many types of treatments over the years to manage the pain and discomfort. To me, Bowen combines the relaxation and emotional uplift of reiki, the muscle-melting elements of massage, and the body realigning benefits of osteopathy and chiropractic. When I left my session with Jenny I felt taller, stronger, energised, euphoric, pain-free, super-relaxed and as if I was walking on a cloud. That blissful Bowen feeling continued for days afterwards. I think Bowen is the perfect antidote to long hours at a desk and stressful city living.
Janine I, Journalist, Australia
I am most relieved to have found Jenny and now have relief from my chronic back pain for the first time many years. I had tried many doctors, physical therapy and other chiropractic services with only short term relief. It has been a real blessing and I highly recommend Jenny and Bowen Therapy.
Ramona M. Canada
The treatment I received from Jenny brought immediate and long term impacts. Immediately I felt profoundly energized (I even decided to skip the bus and walk home from the treatment). While within the week I noticed a renewed grounding and balance with an overall sense of well being.
Michael K, Canada
I am dancer of tango. One day, because of the pain in all my body after dancing a lot of hours, I decided to meet with Jenny and Bowen Therapy. It was one of my best decisions. After the session, I felt myself like I was born again. I felt more strong, more straight, more positive... it was like my energy collected in to my centre. After the session I walked for 3 hours, only for joy, and I dıd not feel tired. It was so surprising for me that I dıd not feel myself getting tired. If I had not reached my home, I know I could have walked more.  I believe that Bowen Therapy is not only physical approach to healing, but also has emotional and spiritual dimensions. Bowen Therapy creates the conditions for you in your body to make you heal yourself. If you have a chance to try this therapy, don't hesitate, because I believe that it will be one of your best decisions.
Çiğdem Ö, Tango dancer, Turkey
I can't think of a better word to describe Jenny's Bowen Therapy but WHOLISTIC. It's mind-boggling: the expertise of her touch and the gentle realignment is rejuvenating. The effects are deeply impacting: I felt the reverberations of this massage therapy for days, and became aware of my posture in a whole new way!
Liana S, Italy
Hi Jenny. I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for all of your help these past couple of weeks! The fact that the discomfort in my hips reduced so drastically is truly amazing. It's really helped improve my quality of life. And I wish we had had more time to work on my foot because I have felt a noticeable improvement after this last session. I imagine it would continue to improve if I had the time. Best of luck with the Bowen Training Courses!
Cristina D, U.S.A
Jenny Petridis has been my Bowen Therapist since 2008. As her patient I have experienced relief from both physical ailments and mental anxiety due to stress. I highly recommend her services, as she is not only excellent at her therapy, she is a consumate professional and treats her patients with warmth and the utmost respect.
Claudia L. Entrepreneur, Australia
Bowen therapy is very simple and really works. During the session I felt very relaxed and comfortable and at first it didn't feel like anything really was happening..Then Jenny had a look at my feet and noticed that one of my legs was longer then the other. She then did some Bowen sequences on me and before I knew it, they were both the same length again. It was obvious that there was something in one of my muscles that was tight, or strained or something and she tweaked it back. The week after the session I felt much more relaxed and slept really well and during work felt more in control! Thanks again Jenny!
James A.R. Australia
I have received many excellent Bowen Therapy treatments from Jenny. She is attentive to changes in muscle tension and modifies her treatments appropriately. I felt energised for several days after a session.
Barbara S. Bowen Therapist, Australia/Canada.
If you're looking for a gentle therapy for tight or misaligned muscles, I'd highly recommend Bowen therapy. The treatment itself was pleasant and relaxing, but I was really impressed by the mindfulness and alignment I felt in the days after. Jenny was lovely and very attuned to my body's needs.
Jessica W. Freelance writer, U.S.A
Jenny, your work as a Bowen Therapist was highly regarded in Melbourne. I felt my treatments did help with Fibromyalgic pain and my good friend Cherrill always recommended you to our tennis club as she felt your Bowen Therapy was an important means to staying strong and healthy.
Regina D. Australia
I'm really sorry to see you go. (leaving Australia for S.America) I just walked from Clifton Hill; up hill and down hill with barely a flinch, so thank you for my pain free days!
Sara A, Australia
I had a acne rush for about 5 months, and was treated by a dermatologist and subsequent medications that filled my body with chemicals and did not fix my rash. I found Bowen Therapy initially in Malaysia after looking at natural alternatives because I knew this acne was hormonal. After one session I saw a visible change in my skin, reducing my acne to almost 0. I’ve become an advocate of Bowen Therapy and found Jenny in Buenos Aires, and got my mum hooked with her, as I know she was struggling with pains in her back and foot. My mom misses Jenny a lot. But we wish her the best in her new endeavours.
Sara and Mariam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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