Without question, there is something special and magical about Jenny. Of course she has lots of body knowledge, and has really mastered her technique, with it's astonishing soft touch, firm manipulations, and then magical pauses. During those pauses, the other side of her work, call it affective or spiritual, has its effects. Along with all the positive emanations during the massage itself, in the pauses, Jenny's 'healing willfulness' is able to work its wonders.
Edward H. Teacher. Toronto, Canada/Buenos Aires, Argentina.

International Bowen Therapist

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Jenny Petridis

is an Australian born soft tissue therapist, specialising in Bowen Therapy. She began her career in the manual therapy industry more than 10 years ago, eventually discovering the Bowen method. This turning point in her career set a new path for her passion and work in bodywork, using a different approach to healing.

Jenny's healing journey formally commenced when she trained in Remedial soft tissue therapy in Australia, later working in well-known multidisciplinary clinics in Melbourne, including the Royal Women's Hospital. From the beginning, she was invited to work with her remedial massage lecturer in her private clinic, later assisting her in teaching. A firm foundation in training and experience in Australia was imperative to what was to follow (see below).

What has always been evident in her approach and work with her patients is her natural and confident skills in palpation, attentiveness to her patient, coupled with an understanding that goes deep into the mechanics on a cellular level.

Embodying health and physical fitness

One cannot transmit what one does not believe and practice themselves. Health is an absolute priority for Jenny and she endeavours to make it her lifestyle, not only in her work. Jenny regularly practices yoga, Pilates, dances, meditates and believes strongly in the mind-body connection. Her approach therefore is both grounded, practical, confident, skilful, and deeply intuitive, bridging science and spirit into a powerful healing session. You can read the testimonials here, to give you an idea on what you can expect.

Continued education

Ever since she began studying Bowen Therapy, she maintained her commitment to learning and participated in continued education with various workshops and manual therapy courses. Courses in musculoskeletal therapy, TMJ workshops, therapeutic yoga training and fascia research seminars have contributed to her on-going education and acquired knowledge in her field. Very early in her career, she assisted in Bowen therapy training workshops regularly securing her knowledge and enhancement of her skills as a respected and sought-after Bowen therapist.

Building relationships and knowledge

The turning point was when Jenny began her quest for knowledge, experience and cultures in South America, building important networks and professional relationships that would prove to be fundamental to her career and knowledge in soft tissue. These alliances spanning from physiotherapists, to kinesiologists, fascia research teachers, neurodynamics and neurorehabilitation therapists, doctors, professors of biomechanics and anatomy and scar tissue and fibrosis experts - continue to enrich Jenny's life, personally and professionally. Thank you Argentina and Brasil!

Latin culture

Her love of cultures and healing which led her to Latin America, opened many doors where she pioneered Bowen in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and now, (2018) Spain. Jenny speaks 4 languages: English, Greek, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese. She has taught in Spanish and Portuguese in recent years.

Bowen in Argentina and Brazil - The Story

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In 2012 Bowen Therapy arrived for the very first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
After what was initially a brief tango holiday, Jenny fell in love with this wonderful city and stayed almost 1.5 years pioneering Bowen in Buenos Aires. (Photo above is from the 2014 Fascinación Congress workshop in Buenos Aires.)

Brazil 2012

In late 2012, another kind of love took her to Brazil, where Jenny, once again set to pioneer and establish her work with the Bowen method. This time it was in Rio de Janeiro. In a short time, word spread about Bowen and Jenny's skills, beginning a great career in Rio. Here, she practised from the Centre of Alexander Studies with a highly regarded team of practitioners and Alexander teachers.

Fascia Congresses in Buenos Aires

In September 2013, Jenny was one of the presenters at the Buenos Aires 1st Fascia Congress, presenting 'Bowen Therapy'. Jenny and her colleague presented a one hour talk on Bowen Therapy, sharing the stage with an impressive list of respected therapists/physiotherapists/neuro-experts from Argentina, including Robert Schleip (via teleconference). The Congress was founded and organised by the highly regarded international institution 'Fundación J&E Bachmann'. She returned to join the congress again in 2014 to present Bowen and a workshop. (See pic above).
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BodyWisdom Spain 2016

In June 2-5, with a team of professional bodyworkers/teachers/movement specialists, at BodyWisdom, Jenny presented a seminar on Bowen therapy.
Speakers included Bibiana Badenes (Director/Founder of BodyWisdom), JC. Guimberteau, Juan Vicente López, Til Luchau, Susana Ramón, Ed Maupin, Bethany Ward, Larry Koliha, Helena Barquilla, Thomas Rogall, and Dr. Francisco Martínez. See Congress 2016

Within the Congress's theme
Walking throughout Life, Jenny's workshop presented Bowen in the context of how it can 'assist us to walk with balance, connectedness and awareness (interoception.) The second part of the presentation included practical component where student learnt some basic moves along the spine.
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Brazil 2017

In November, Jenny taught Bowen to Brazilian physiotherapists. She continues to develop courses for qualified professional manual therapists, maintaining a high level of training. Bowen is taught as an adjunct for professional therapists or used as a stand-alone technique. Practitioners already treating patients in their clinic are able to use the method immediately for their patients with outstanding results.

Achievements -Certification

Jenny Petridis

International Bowen Therapist and Teacher


Workshop: Introduction to Bowen Therapy (Teacher) - Barcelona, Spain 2018
Introduction to Bowen Therapy (Teacher) – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
Bowen Therapy Course (Teacher) – Curitiba, Brasil 2017
Presenter at 1st & 2nd Fascia Congress (FASCINACIÓN) – Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 & 2014
Presenter at IV International Congress for BodyWisdom Spain– Benicássim, Spain 2016
Pioneer of Bowen Therapy in Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro 2012-2016

Additional Certification:

Therapeutic Yoga 1 & 2 - United Health, Melbourne, Australia 2017
RockTape® Kinesio-taping Course - RockTape® Australia, Melbourne, Australia 2017
Liberação Tecidual Funcional {LTF – Liberation Tissue Function} – (Dr M Altomare) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016
Applied Myoskeletal Workshops – (John Garfield, Qld AUS) Auckland, New Zealand 2015
The Importance of Symmetry – (Graham Pennington) Warrnambool, Australia 2015
TMJ 1 & 2 – (Ron Phelan) Ocean Grove, Australia 2015
Advances in Fascial Research & Treatments – (Dr Robert Schleip) Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014
Working with the Feet Workshop - School of Alexander Studies – (David Moore & Fiona Bryant) Melbourne, Australia 2014
Workshop - Level 1 - Australian Bush Flower Essences, Melbourne Australia 2014
Dip. Remedial Massage, Melbourne, Australia 2014
Bowen Therapy Cert & Advanced Training, Melbourne, Australia 2005
Thai Massage, What Po, Bangkok Thailand 2002

Barcelona, Spain 2020

WhatsApp/ Mobile phone: +34 627 133 647

UPDATE❗️❗️ [14/01/2020] : I'm currently in Australia. I apologise for any inconvenience. Please subscribe to my emails so you are informed of my return to Spain later this year.
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