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Jenny Eleni Petridis is an Australian soft tissue therapist, dedicated to the Bowen technique, and a therapeutic yoga practitioner. She combines other gentle soft tissue methods to accompany the treatments where indicated, kinesio-taping and stretching.
In addition to treating patients and offering workshops, Jenny has been invited to present Bowen Therapy at international fascia congresses. In recent years, her interest of latin cultures and languages combined with her healing path, led her to South America where she pioneered Bowen in Argentina, Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) and (2018-19) in Barcelona, Spain.
She is currently in Melbourne, Australia, and returning to Barcelona April/May 2020.
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Bowen Therapy: An Australian Soft Tissue technique

Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue remedial technique

that guides the body to self-correct using precise and gentle manoeuvres on soft tissue locations (tendons, ligaments, muscles etc). The objective of the technique is to ultimately balance structure and function and achieve homeostasis: the body's natural and harmonious state.
In other words, Bowen aims to achieve neuromuscular balance and nervous system regulation.
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Bowen Therapy, as recommended by Spanish paper El País

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An interview with Jenny with Spanish paper El Pais, January 2018

'The Bowen Technique, a manual remedy against Office-workers' Syndrome'

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By Journalist: María Lopez Villodres, Madrid, (original article is in spanish)
Photo: Jenny Eleni Petridis
Bowen Therapist and Educator

Less is more, such is the minimalist approach of this “complementary manual therapy that heals through soft and superficial manoeuvres on muscles, tendons and specific soft tissue areas”, explains Jenny Petridis to S Moda magazine, Bowen therapist and teacher of the technique.
Original Spanish article
Full (in English) article

What are some people saying about Bowen?

My experience with Bowen Therapy was magical ... and it still is, because the results are maintained over time. It (Bowen) released the muscle tensions, my permanent allergies and my energy was renewed 100%!
Monica B. Interior Designer, Argentina
With small and few movements we can realise so many big changes in our body, and create a possibility to move with more grace and awareness. Thanks Jenny!"
Luciano B. Brazil
My Bowen treatment was a mind-body bliss-out! During the session I floated away into dreamland while Jenny’s healing hands worked gentle wonders. She targeted many muscles and parts of the body often neglected by therapists, and while her work was profound, the pressure was never harsh. I suffer from scoliosis and have had many types of treatments over the years to manage the pain and discomfort. To me, Bowen combines the relaxation and emotional uplift of reiki, the muscle-melting elements of massage, and the body realigning benefits of osteopathy and chiropractic. When I left my session with Jenny I felt taller, stronger, energised, euphoric, pain-free, super-relaxed and as if I was walking on a cloud. That blissful Bowen feeling continued for days afterwards. I think Bowen is the perfect antidote to long hours at a desk and stressful city living.
Janine I, Journalist, Australia

By Appointment Only

WhatsApp/ Mobile phone: +34 627 133 647
Location: Via Laietana 54, Barcelona (metro Urquinaona), Catalonia

UPDATE [14/01/2020] : I'm currently in Australia. I apologise for any inconvenience. Please subscribe to my emails so you are informed of my return to Spain later this year.
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