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Bowen technique, as recommended by Argentine wellbeing magazine Ohlala

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In the media in Argentina, January 2012 (click image)

Jenny has appeared in wellbeing magazines and presented at Congresses around the world.
This 2-page spread in Argentina's leading wellness magazine (2012) can be read in full.

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Original article in Spanish

Bowen technique, as recommended by Spanish paper El País

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An interview with Jenny with Spanish magazine 'S Moda', January 2018

'The Bowen Technique, a manual remedy against Office-workers' Syndrome'

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By Journalist: María Lopez Villodres, Madrid, (original article is in spanish)

Less is more, such is the minimalist approach of this “complementary manual therapy that heals through soft and superficial manoeuvres on muscles, tendons and specific soft tissue areas”, explains Jenny Petridis to S Moda magazine, Bowen therapist and teacher of the technique.

Original Spanish article
Full (in English) article