Zoom: Un vistazo sobre Bowen & del curso on-line

¡Aquí lo tienes! La presentación de Zoom grabada.

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2 Comments on “Zoom: Un vistazo sobre Bowen & del curso on-line

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Sorry I could not be on your zoom meeting, as I was on an urgent family trip to Belgium.
    So I just caught up and will answer your questions 3 and 4, I have some knowledge about Bowen, yes, and also I am not currently a manual therapist but have done a few weekend trainings, holistic massage therapy , champi (indian head massage) and more recently in Geneva, Thai massage. In addition to that, I have recently completed the 1 year Anatomy course, prerequisite for the diploma. Looking forward for your online course. Big love.

    • Hi Cydne!
      That’s OK. I hope the trip went well. I’m glad you were able to watch the recording of the Zoom presentation. Thank you so much for replying to the questions. It really helps me to make the online course more custom-made as much as possible. So, thank you for sharing. It is for sure, an advantage you have completed an anatomy course too. Seguimos en contacto! Un abrazo fuerte! 🌺

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