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Jenny Petridis is a Soft tissue Therapist, and dedicates her work with the Bowen technique. She combines the various skills and techniques she has learnt in continued education and her own commitment to study and reading.
From the Bowen technique, Remedial Massage, other musculoskeletal techniques and understanding of the connective tissue (and the therapeutic implications), Jenny brings this altogether to create a dynamic and deeply healing treatment.
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What is Bowen?

Bowen Therapy is a gentle manual technique that guides the body to self-correct using intelligent, kind and gentle manuevers on the soft tissues. The objective of the technique is to balance structure and function, ultimately. One of the key principles o Bowen is the osteopathic principle: "The body's structure governs its function."

Bowen aims to achieve neuromuscular balance and nervous system regulation. This is where structure and function can be in harmony.

Using these small, gentle and brief motions on the connective tissues in specific locations of the body, the central nervous system is stimulated, changing it motor output to the tissues- promoting homeostasis and structural balance.
Bowen stimulates proprioception as well as interoception - the latter achieving profound changes in overall wellbeing.

Congress [Benicassim, Spain]

June 2-5, 2016

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This June in Benicássim, Castellón, BodyWisdom Spain held an exciting 4 day Congress - a gathering of professionals in the field of integrative health and medicine and bodywork. The Congress is designed for the participation of all somatic and movement therapists.
Dates: June 2 - 5, 2016.

Jenny was part of the team and presented Bowen Therapy to an enthusiastic large group of professional manual therapists. She is bringing Bowen to Spain...

The next BodyWisdom event will be 2018. To see this year's program to get an idea on what it was about (if you missed it!):
Click here to download the program
Click on image to enlarge the flyer.


Australia Bowen Therapy Centre
Rio de Janeiro Centro de Terapia Bowen
Patagonia Argentina Centro de Terapia Bowen
To me, Bowen combines the relaxation and emotional uplift of reiki, the muscle-melting elements of massage, and the body realigning benefits of osteopathy and chiropractic.
Janine I, Australia
With small and few movements we can realise so many big changes in our body, and create a possibility to move with more grace and awareness. Thanks Jenny!"
Luciano B, Brazil
It (Bowen) released the muscle tensions, my permanent allergies and my energy was renewed 100%!
Monica B, Argentina