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bowen therapy for insomnia❗️STRESS, THE NERVOUS SYSTEM INSOMNIA..
Insomnia is a sleep disorder, affecting millions of people. It is not so much the lack of sleep that is the main issue - but apparently the state of hyperarousal during the waking day hours. It is a complex problem, but in its simplest form, ☹️STRESS plays a major role in insomnia. When the bodys nervous system is in a continuous sympathetic state, this leads to and fuels stress: an epidemic that is taking over the modern world. Recent studies have also found that many people suffering from insomnia have high levels of inflammation in their body (mostly older age group). Interesting...

Bowen therapy can play an important role in reducing stress, lowering sympathetic tone (a lot!), and also has powerful ANTI-INFLAMMATORY effects, amongst other benefits for the body and nervous system.
Brief and gentle maneuvers are one of the keys to how inflammation is regulated through the fascial system.😉

The effect Bowen has on sleep and the nervous system cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Seriously. It's impressive.😴
But, this is not just about Bowen therapy. The patient with insomnia can look at other ways of helping their condition - not just taking medication. Somatic therapies (yoga, manual therapy, meditation) that lower sympathetic tone dramatically and assist in regulating inflammation in the body can be a very healthy, effective and long lasting option.